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September 23, 2021

3 Benefits of Using Multi-Factor Authentication

3 Benefits of Using Multi-Factor Authentication


Hacking has always been an issue, but this year it's been on the rise as hackers target remote workers. Even if your employees are no longer working remotely, hacking is a severe cybersecurity issue that leads to dangerous data breaches. 


A great option for reducing your risk of being hacked is converting to multi-factor authentication.


Keep reading to learn more about what multi-factor authentication is and all of its benefits. 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a system where logging-in requires more than a password.


Instead, employees need to provide at least two or more pieces of information or evidence to prove they're who they say they are.


This is important because even if you create an unbreakable password, phishing and brute attacks remain a threat.  


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There are three pieces of information used in MFA:


    • Things you know like passwords
    • Things you have like badges or keys
    • Things you are in the form of fingerprints or voice recognition

Two-factor authentication uses two of these pieces of evidence while MFA uses two or more. 

Benefit 1: Enhanced Security

Of course, the main benefit of MFA is the enhanced security it provides from cyber attacks.


When you only use a password for logging in, hackers can use phishing to trick users into sharing what their password is, or they can use brute attacks to determine what it is and break-in.


In fact, 32% of all breaches involve phishing. 

Benefit 2: Become More Compliant

Many businesses are required to follow certain regulations set up by state or federal law.


These regulations serve to protect sensitive data, especially in cases where clients give up identifying information.


Multi-factor authentication is a common requirement of these regulations, so by implementing it, you're becoming more compliant. 


Even if you're not one of the businesses required to take these precautions, it's good practice if you handle the personal information of your employees or customers. 

Benefit 3: It Actually Simplifies Logging In

Since the very nature of MFA requires inputting for information and is extra secure, you would think that it makes the log-in process more complex.


In actuality, the opposite is true. Due to its nature, MFA software is advanced enough to provide single sign-on options for users.


This means that once an employee has signed onto a software, they will have access to all of the applications involved without having to sign in each time.


MFA is also flexible with lots of options for obtaining it and in terms of the types of sign-on information you can require.


You can even try a multi-factor authentication app.


Watch our video on What is Multi-Factor Authentication


Implement Multi-Factor Authentication Today

Multi-factor authentication is the way of the future, so unless you want your business to get left behind, you should consider switching stat!


Plus, becoming anti-competitive should be the least of your worries, since a data breach can mean the end of your business.


Better to be safe and ensure the safety of your data and the longevity of your business. 


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