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February 20, 2024

Cloud Tech: 3 Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud Tech: 3 Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud Tech - 3 Latest Trends in Cloud ComputingFor those of us who went to elementary school in the nineties (or earlier), when we hear about clouds we immediately think of photosynthesis. We immediately picture an infographic with a large arrow pointing up towards a cloud from the soil, while another arrow surrounded by rainfall points downward back to earth.


In 2023, clouds perform a whole series of many more complex operations.


School students reading about “the cloud” in their textbooks today will find an entirely different infographic. It has transformed into a visual shorthand to describe a new technology for data-sharing platforms.


Cloud tech now operates entirely as a separate industry. Read further to discuss the biggest trends we should anticipate in the upcoming year. 


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Welcome to the Cloud Revolution

Cloud technology has come a long way since the early inception of the internet. The cloud is more than a buzzword. 


Now businesses can create hybrid cloud systems that can operate between both private and public clouds. Or, several private cloud networks can operate as multi-cloud networks.


Cloud technologies have revolutionized everything from how we manage data sources to how we work with complex software systems and IT services.


Here are some of the latest trends in cloud computing that we can expect to see more of in 2023:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence Brings Automation to Cloud Tech

While AI developed separately from cloud computing, and both exist as entirely separate fields in tech, AI can bring many innovations to the realm of cloud tech. This in turn will accelerate the advancements of cloud technology even further.

For example, AI will make cloud-based platforms "smarter." Deep learning models will allow cloud services to adapt from predictive models. Also, we can already see how AI brings automation to cloud networks through programs like Alexa and Siri. They can personalize their responses based on collected data.

Automation will also be key for advancements in database management.

DaaS, or Desktop As A Service

New Call-to-actionAnother name for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is desktop virtualization. To virtualize a computer desktop means to have an operating system (OS) that comes from an outside network. It originates from a third-party source and not the home computer. 

Businesses can cut costs for their employees by letting them access their work desktops from their own computers through a centralized server. It also allows companies to control what sites people can access and can track how long their employees work. 

The employer might be the network host, or more commonly, they will outsource to a third-party company as a host network. This allows other benefits including:

  • Improved security
  • Faster performance and communication
  • Personalized services 
  • Efficient platform migration

The Internet of Things As the Newest Trend in Cloud Computing

In 2023, cloud technology will also see changes with the introduction of brand-new innovations. The Internet of Things also exists as a separate branch of tech, like AI, that when introduced to cloud technology, will accelerate advancements.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to separate technological devices that let information travel back and forth. Fundamentally, IoT exists because of cloud computing.

Bringing IoT into cloud networks for further advancements will boost capabilities in the following things:

  • Easier remote collaboration spaces
  • Unlimited access to storage
  • Improved remote processing

Improve Your Team's Productivity by Having the Best Networks

Your business most likely has already implemented some form of cloud tech. Let 2023 be the year your entire business moves to the cloud. Incorporating new technologies to work together means systems will eventually act autonomously.

Our company helps you find the best solutions to bring your technology into the next decade. Visit our website to learn more.

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