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February 7, 2022

Common Small Business IT Issues and How to Avoid Them

Common Small Business IT Issues and How to Avoid Them

Common Small Business IT Issues

Jobs for computer support specialists are expected to grow by 10% between 2020 and 2028. That's faster than most other industries. Why?  For starters, new technologies mean new problems. Without an IT specialist, you could encounter technical issues. Your company's efficiency and productivity could falter as a result.


By hiring an IT team, you can avoid common IT issues that could otherwise impact your business. Keep reading to discover the top problems you might encounter—and how your IT team can help.

1. Slow Devices

One of the common problems businesses deal with is slow-loading devices. When your computer, phone, or tablet runs slowly, you're losing valuable time! There are several reasons your devices might lag behind:


  • You're running too many programs at once
  • You failed to complete updated or system scans
  • Viruses or malware


An experienced IT professional can help you avoid these common IT issues before they occur.


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For example, your IT team can create an IT plan that includes regular scans and updates. They can even complete these updates outside of regular business hours. That way, you don't lose a second of valuable time.


Otherwise, you could lose up to $1.8 billion annually due to wasted productivity. 

2. Deleted Files

Did you accidentally delete important work files? Don't stress out; your IT team can help. 


Your IT experts can make sure your devices complete regular, automatic backups. If you accidentally delete something, you can recover the file from the backup. Keeping files secure is an important element of any IT plan. In fact, your IT team can create an IT plan that includes disaster recovery solutions.


What happens if there's a major power outage or flood? Your IT team will make sure you can recover very quickly and easily. That way, you can resume business operations without faltering.  


Watch our video: Why You Need Website Backups

3. The Blue Screen

Many companies fear the dreaded blue screen of death!


However, that doesn't mean your computer is broken. Instead, you can have your IT team take a look. They'll likely ask what you were doing right before the error appeared.


Chances are, it's an issue with the hardware or an outdated drive. They'll help reboot your computer to ensure it's up and running again.  

4. Unexpected Shut Downs

Does your computer shutdown while you're in the middle of working? Maybe you're having issues logging in. Your experienced IT team can solve these common IT issues, no sweat!


Sometimes, these problems are related to overheating. Otherwise, it's a virus.


An experienced IT expert will know how to handle different types of viruses and improve ventilation issues. 

5. Lost Internet Access

It's hard to work when you're not connected to the internet.


If you keep losing internet access or it's slow, the problem's likely an overloaded router.


Your IT expert can help you fix the problem, allowing you to get back to work.


Getting Technical: 5 Common IT Issues You Might Encounter

These five common IT issues can slow down your productivity.


By trusting in an experienced IT team, you don't have to worry. Instead, you can rely on their expertise to get you back up and running!


Give your productivity a boost! Explore our managed IT services today.

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