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April 27, 2018

A Mobile Friendly Website And Business Connections

A Mobile Friendly Website And Business Connections


Cisco's Executive Summary of The Mobile Network in 2013 highlights the unprecedented trajectory of mobile devices throughout the globe. The study concluded that 2013 witnessed 81% growth in global mobile data traffic and an additional 526 

million mobile devices and connections. While these numbers are simply staggering, their implications to the business world can be even more overwhelming.


In the palm of the world's hand is more sophisticated technology than ever before, and that world demands the right to employ that power in all aspects of life. Whether searching for tickets to a show, the perfect restaurant, or the best mechanic, the global public desires the affinity of today's quick connections. Consequently, all businesses are finding it essential to consider mobile friendly web design. The brick-and-mortar marketplace has always fueled stiff competition and the virtual marketplace has proven to follow suit. So precisely which aspects separate traditional from mobile web design?


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According to Entrepreneur, businesses must focus on web design that will provide unparalleled efficiency on all devices. Janine Warner, a globally recognized digital design and internet trends consultant, contends that "nearly every business needs to adapt to reach consumers effectively on any screen." This prospect is daunting, but absolutely essential if contemporary businesses plan to stay relevant in the public's eye.


Mobile devices call for simplicity. Simple page designs, larger font sizes, strategic placement of essential information, and larger buttons make a mobile website much more user-friendly. To meet these parameters though, companies do not necessarily have to redesign their existing sites. Instead, many businesses choose to operate parallel websites, one for the smaller and one for the larger screens, both offering the same information with special considerations for the unique formats.


Other businesses, however, are choosing to completely rebuild their existing sites so that the format is appropriate for any device. The larger companies are apt to choose adaptive design in which the technology identifies the user's device and then creates a page to meet that device's capabilities. While this method is much more sophisticated, it is also more costly. Smaller business, however, are not left in the lurch as many of them select a responsive approach in which the format automatically adjusts itself to any device. Less cost prohibitive, responsive design provides an efficient global connection.


Mobile devices provide a rich forum for business. As long as the web design is as versatile as the devices, companies and consumers will continue to discover each other's possibilities. Please contact us today to uncover the advantages that mobile friendly web design has to offer your organization.

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