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October 8, 2019

How to Boost Your Website Conversions

How to Boost Your Website Conversions

boost-website-conversionsMore than two-thirds (64 percent) of small- and medium-sized businesses rely on their websites to connect with customers.


In this day and age, having a good online presence is crucial for marketing your brand. In fact, by not having an active website, you give an impression that you’re no longer in business.


Sadly, most of these business websites have a conversion rate of less than 5 percent. This means that these businesses aren’t getting any share of the billions generated yearly through eCommerce.


To join the league of top businesses gaining from eCommerce revenue, you’ll have to boost your website conversions. Read on to know more about how web design and strategy can help turn your visitors into customers.


1. Create a Professional Web Design

You’ll need to create a professional-looking website that’s clean and uncluttered. This will assure new visitors that your website (and business) is genuine and reputable.


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Consider some website design elements like adding common buttons like the “Contact Us” and “Cart” buttons. Also, reduce the number of pop-ups that engage visitors when browsing through your site. This will help maintain the visitors’ attention to your products/services.


To design the best website for your business, it’s recommended hire an experienced web design agency.

2. Use Live Chat to Engage with Visitors

When customers are unsure about specific aspects of your business, they’ll what immediate response when they inquire about it.


While placing an email link for inquiries seems like the right move, adding a live chat tool will be the best action to take. With this feature, visitors will get responses fast, thus, clearing their doubts on whether or not to buy your products/services, without having to wait hours for feedback.

3. Guarantee Visitors that Your Products are Authentic

For an online business, you need to guarantee visitors that they’ll receive value for their money. You can do this by running incentives such as a return back policy for goods purchased. This gives customers some peace of mind and sways them to buy your products.

Click here to sign up for a Free website assessment.4. Make Sure That Your Website is Fast

If your website’s loading speed exceeds more than three seconds, expect to lose over 40 percent of your site’s traffic. Avoid making your visitors impatient by making sure that your site loads its pages fast.


To improve your loading speeds, optimize your images by compressing them, reduce redirects, avoid excess page ads, and reduce plug-ins.

5. Use Testimonials

Seeing is believing!

New visitors using your site will first want to read reviews of other previous customers in order to make a purchasing decision. Good reviews will certainly improve your conversion rates within your site.


Also, avoid having false reviews, especially when starting your business. This will backfire and damage your business’ reputation.

Seeking Professionals to Help Boost Your Website Conversions?

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