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October 17, 2022

How to Launch a Website in 7 Simple Steps

How to Launch a Website in 7 Simple Steps


It's the perfect time for a virtual introduction. Are you wanting to start a blog? Are you trying to launch a product online?

Introduce yourself by launching a website. Because so much of the world is online right now, you'll need to cut through the static. Successfully launching a site is tricky but can be done.


If you're unsure of how to even go about it, look no further. Read below for 7 tips on how to launch a website. 

1. Create an Incentive

You can't go a day on social media without someone urging you to visit their site. They may honestly have a good website, but you scrolled past their advertisement anyway.


Why? You scroll past it because there's no incentive for visiting the site. Create an incentive that will urge people to click on your site. For example, give first-time visitors 20% off of a product or an exclusive look into your upcoming podcast.

2. Share With Your Friends

True friends will support your passions. Once you design and launch your website, share the link with your friends. 


Ask them to check it out, offer any suggestions, and share it with their friends. They'll probably be willing to share it on their social media if you ask. 


If you want to make it easy for them, create a social media post of your own advertising the new site and ask them to simply share the post.


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3. Be Mobile-Friendly

So much of what we do online these days is through our phone. As you launch your site, make sure everything is mobile-friendly.


Before advertising your site, go through everything on your phone. Click on all menu options, watch any videos, and inspect all images. If everything checks out, share the link with a click of a button!

4. Plan Social Media Announcements

It's crucial to advertise your site on all of your social media accounts. With careful planning, you won't have to fully abandon your Instagram aesthetic by making announcements. 


Snap some candid photos of people scrolling your site or crop some screenshots to showcase. Make sure you give plenty of information in the captions. 

5. Be Consistent

One of the best practices for launching a new website is looking at the launch as an ongoing project. Launching a site isn't just clicking a button and walking away for a week.


As more and more people come to check out your site, be consistent with posting on the site. Even if you're a business website, create an active blog section people can check out. 

6. Involve Influencers

One of the best ways to launch anything online is by getting well-known influencers involved. Create a sort of payment or incentive and reach out to influencers in your niche. They can advertise your site for you. 

7. Create a Blog Post About Your Site

Create a featured post that explains the site. Talk about any cool features you put in and talk about your thought process in the design.


Leave a comment section below the post to encourage guests to leave their input. 


Watch our video: Why You Need A Blog on Your Website


Now That You Know How to Launch a Website, It's Time to Try It for Yourself

Designing a website from scratch might be tricky, but learning how to launch a website can be easy with the right planning. 


Don't forget to create a strong incentive to advertise your site. Encourage your friends to share your site, and put together a few social media posts about it. It'll surely catch an eye.

If you need any IT help, make sure to check out our page. We even have tons of informational blog posts, including posts on IT outsourcing and WordPress. 


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