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December 14, 2021

7 Great Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Marketing

7 Great Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Marketing

Creating Engaging IG Marketing-1

Social media has become a key component in business. If you work in the business to consumer market then investing in social media marketing is essential.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users and is the third most popular social media source. It is also the perfect platform for marketing.


But how? Where do you start? 


You are in the right place. Social media marketing is not rocket science, and with a bit of patience, you can become a master and drive your business to new heights. Keep reading to learn how to maximize your customer engagement with Instagram marketing. 


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1. Creative Content Gets Views

Instagram is all a visual medium and that means you need to be creative with your ads. Yes, you can put text, but it is the imagery that drives it all and determines ad success.

2. Invest Time in Your Instagram Profile

When learning how to market through Instagram make sure you put effort into building your profile. People are wary of empty or unimpressive profiles in this modern digital world. Skipping this crucial step will diminish the return on your investments and diminish the impact your social media efforts have on your business growth.

3. Stories Make Good Instagram Marketing Tools

The Instagram stories feature is a great way to enhance your marketing and get your company story over to your customer base. From images to videos, a well-maintained story is worth its weight in gold and is one of the best examples of good Instagram marketing.

4. Regular Content is Crucial

As with anything on social media, you need to be creating regular contact. Whether it is through your story, paid or sponsored ads or just regular content, you need to make sure you are seen and known in order to stay relevant. 


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5. Show the Company Behind the Product

One of the best Instagram marketing tips is to take the opportunity that the platform presents and use it to show people the company behind the product. Show them your offices, your production lines, introduce the team from the ground floor to the top. Engage with people on a real level and you will see interaction and engagement thrive. 

6. Learn The Power of a #Hashtag

Much like keywords on your blog, hashtags are a powerful commodity when it comes to social media sites. Invest time in learning how they work and research ones that are relevant to your product. Change them up when needed and avoid unnecessary repetition for maximum gain. 

7. Network While You Market for Double Gains

The ability to tag others by using the @ makes Instagram a powerful tool not only for marketing but for networking and direct customer engagement.


When done correctly you can get a double win by networking through the adverts and get increased exposure and brand recognition while maintaining that human level of interaction that is required to succeed at social media.  

Harness the Power of Instagram Marketing to Boost Your Business

If you really want to see your business grow then you cannot ignore the power of social media. 


Invest in your Instagram marketing strategies today and you will see results almost instantly. The power of social media is here to stay and while the rules and algorithms are changing constantly you need to be in the game if you want to win the game!


Interested in learning more about social media marketing, or perhaps just marketing and business in general? Our library of articles is at your disposal. Check it out today to learn about improving any aspect of your business. 

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