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May 7, 2019

The Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing: Why it Matters

The Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing: Why it Matters

social-media-marketingApproximately 3.196 billion people around the world have at least one social media account. 


With so many potential new customers in one place, it's no wonder businesses are resorting to social media marketing to market their business.


If you're new to social media marketing, this article will shed some light on why it matters.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In a nutshell, social media marketing allows you to market yourself and create brand awareness about your services by using social media platforms.


Many businesses and brands use social media marketing with the goal to create more product visibility, attract more traffic to their website, boost your brand, and gain more customers.


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Why is It Important?

Social media is so important these days for the success of a business because it's one of the fastest ways to spread the word. For example, think of how a tweet or post can go viral in only a matter of minutes. 


Not to mention, having attractive social media accounts is a trend most businesses need to keep up with their competition. 



What Can Social Media Help You Accomplish?

If you turn to social media marketing to bring more visibility to your business, you will be able to accomplish one of the following:

  • It will allow you to connect further with your clients and build a community
  • The ability to announce new products and services directly to your social media accounts
  • Encourage your followers to share your content and drive more traffic
  • Be able to promote events in one place without having clients go to your website


Decide On the Social Media Platforms 

Although there are many social media platforms available to your business, you need to find the ones to work with your goals. Focus on mastering a few instead of trying to make all of them work.


Many businesses start with multiple social media channels only to discover they cannot meet the demands. In order to pick which social media platforms to use, is by following other businesses in your niche.


Pay attention to which channels have more activity and which bring them more followers.

For example, If a business in your niche has 200,000 followers on Facebook, and 5,000 on Twitter, then you might discover Facebook is a better channel for you. 


Keep Your Website and Social Media Connected

Once you set up your social media channels, it's important you keep your website connected.


When you connect both, your clients and followers will be able to smoothly switch between the two and create more exposure.


You can do so by always linking to your website and keeping it visible in your social media accounts. Also, add social media buttons on your website so your visitors can follow. 



Get Started on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can have a positive impact on a brand when they know how to navigate it. Social media marketing can help you build a community, create brand awareness, and bring in new clients.


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