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May 9, 2019

Different Types of Social Media and How to Market Through Them

Different Types of Social Media and How to Market Through Them

different-types-of-social-mediaIf you're running a business, you should know a thing or two about social media.

Social media has become one of the most important marketing tools that small businesses have at their disposal. A good social media presence can be the difference between becoming the next hot brand or becoming obsolete.

 Marketing over the different types of social media isn't easy, though. There's a learning curve to becoming great with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this article, we're going to talk about each of the most popular social media networks (and some of the smaller ones) and how you can market over them. Let's begin.


How to Market Your Business on Different Types of Social Media

One of the reasons that social media is so crucial to the success of a company's marketing is because it's free and you have instant access to millions of people. They aren't necessarily going to pay attention to what you've got to say, though. It takes a lot of research to know how to stand out in the crowd.



Before the privacy scandal of a couple of years ago, Facebook was probably the easiest and best social media network to market your business on. Even after that, it remains crucial to the success of small businesses. With pages and paid advertisements, you can appeal to the masses for almost no money.


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On Facebook, you can create a page for your business and promote your products to your followers, free of charge. It's an undeniable resource, great for linking to landing pages, blog posts, and other interesting content.


Now, you can use Facebook Messenger to accumulate leads through your page and send them personalized advertisements design to direct them to new products and services. This is one of the fastest growing marketing tools in 2019.



Instagram is now home to more users than Twitter and is second only in user-ship to Facebook. It's not always the numbers that you need to look at though. The people on Instagram tend to be younger and more likely to fall in love with a brand over Instagram than even Facebook.


You can effectively build your company's brand on Instagram and attract whatever type of consumer you want. Posting photos that appeal to the demographic that you're selling, using hashtags and SEO to get people to your page, and having an appealing voice can get you thousands of followers to market to.


Download - 25 Website Must HavesTwitter

Twitter is all about engagement. People go to Twitter to get quick information and answers about a company's products. Customers appreciate businesses that can respond to queries in an efficient way. But, how do you promote over Twitter?


To be able to effectively promote your business over Twitter, you need to build your followers and target the right people. Engaging with social media influencers over Twitter can get the attention of their followers and can increase traffic on your page. 


Once you get prospective customers interested in what you're saying and who you're engaging with, you can start to sell your products to them.


Everything Else

While using the big three social media networks is still the best way to promote your business, there are smaller, more business focused, platforms that can help.


LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed all allow you to build a company page and get followers. With these, you can focus on B2B interactions, as opposed to the more personal interactions that you see on the larger social media accounts.


Start Building Your Social Media Presence Now

Start marketing on all the different types of social media today. You don't have to spend any money to start making money over social media. 


If you haven't set up any social media accounts for your business, you're a bit behind the 8-ball, but it's never too late to start. Access to millions of potential customers is at your fingertips, so start marketing to them today. For more blog posts about all things tech and business, check out our page.

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