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October 17, 2022

Is A New Website For Your Business Worth It?

Is A New Website For Your Business Worth It?

Is A New Website For Your Business Worth It? Is a new website for your business worth it? Every business owner should pay attention to this question. A business website does more than a business card, undoubtedly, but the fear of investing in an online presence can hinder a business.

Consider the people who are viewing your website. These are clients, customers, competition and/or future prospects. Your website should convey professionalism through clean lines, high quality images and context. When people notice that your website isn't polished, they become bored. If your business website isn't attractive, or is not generating traffic or leads, then a new website for your business will be a worthwhile investment.


Current Information

Relevancy is a huge issue for many business websites. Everything on your website needs to be accurate and current. Customers are immediately turned off at outdated information. When customers are disinterested, or if they feel that your business is no longer credible, they will not come back. Not only must text be updated, but images should clearly reflect your business. If your business site is outdated, it might be time for a new website.


Proper Keyword Usage

Your website is a collection of text and images. Although great photography makes your website look attractive, the images are not really seen by the search engines. More important than images on your website is the text content. The text you use should describe your products and services very clearly and simply, while at the same time utilizing keywords that search engines can pick up on. If you are not using the correct keywords, you are potentially invisible to your clients and the search engines.


Download: 10-Step Checklist For Your Website RedesignFree Website Software

In the past few years, the industry has seen a slew of "do it yourself" website builders and software. Although you can build a website with these services, often times these "free" websites lack the creative eye and expertise a professional web designer possesses. As I mentioned above, keywords and great content are a pivotal part of your website. Even though you will get a website, it probably will not be found by search engines and therefore, will not be good for your business. 


The Face of Your Business

Your website is the online face of the business you've worked hard to build. Don't inadvertently turn away potential customers with a below-par website. When people search online, they have certain expectations of the sites they peruse. A website redesign for your business will optimize your website to fulfill customer expectations. 

We are an Albuquerque web design company. Thanks for reading.

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