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August 14, 2019

The Future Has Landed: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Web Design

The Future Has Landed: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Web Design

5-ways-artificial-intelligence-is-changing-web-design2How much Artificial Intelligence are you using? The statistics say it's much more than you think. While 33% of consumers think they use AI-enabled technology it's actually 77% that use an AI-powered service or device.


It's no longer the stuff of sci-fi films, AI is seeping into our daily lives and our jobs.

Today we're looking at what that means for web design and how you can make use of AI web design tools to improve your website.


5 Ways AI Will Affect the Future of Web Design

Web designers and developers can breathe a sigh of relief...you're safe. AI is by no means taking over just yet, but we're starting to see some interesting use cases for AI in design.

Here are 5 ways AI is starting to influence how we design and develop websites:


1. AI for User Experience

We've had chatbots on websites for a while now but the experience is being taken to another level with AI.


Chatbots of the past relied on scripted pathways which led to frustrating experiences when a user asked a question that differed from the script. Now AI enhanced chatbots are starting to use sophisticated natural language programming systems to create meaningful and useful customer interactions.


2. AI as The Designer

Just like the early chatbots, initial versions of AI web designers such as The Grid were unconvincing but platforms such as Wix and Bookmark are now introducing AI to created great websites in minutes.


Wix ADI is the AI offering from the platform and allows users to choose from templates and customize the outcome. 


As we see artificial design intelligence become more advanced we can expect AI to take a larger role in the design. For now, expert web developers still provide the best option for advanced, high performing sites.


3. AI Web Analytics

Machine learning is a natural fit for analytics due to the reliance on data. We will see AI start to replace our A/B testing processes to deliver a seamless experience. 


Tools are already being created that utilize AI for Website analytics. Take Convincely for example, it's a platform that combines natural language processing and image processing to understand your website. Using the layout and language, Convincely then offers design feedback and suggests emotive language to inspire your users to take action with a CTA.


4. Testing and Q/A for Development Agencies

For agencies or aspiring web developers, AI could take over all the mundane quality assurance and testing tasks. This means two things. Quicker website design and accuracy in testing.


It will also allow designers to learn through date over time to improve the process.


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5. Increased Personalization

Click Here - To download The Importance of a Professional Web PresenceOne way that AI will start to make a bigger impact as we move forward will be in personalization.


E-commerce could be particularly affected by this as we start to see shopping experiences molded by the individual shopping on the site. They'll be exposed to a completely different experience than another user. 


We already see this in a subtle way on sites such as Netflix, where the cover image of a show or movie changes based on what Netflix thinks you will click on. Users have reported seeing cover images of supporting characters whose demographic they match more closely.

Welcome to the Future of AI Web Design

The implications for AI web design are exciting. We may be in the early stages but it's time to start thinking about how AI can improve your customers' experience.

If that's got you thinking about a refresh, why not find out if it's time for a website redesign?

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