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October 17, 2022

What is SaaS and is it right for your business?

What is SaaS and is it right for your business?

what-is-saas.jpgCloud computing can be broken down into several different categories. Some of these categories include the kinds of services rendered to your business. One avenue in particular includes Software as a Service (SaaS). Other services include Infrastructure as

 a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Each category provides your business with something slightly different and can often be bundled together, so if you need multiple services for your cloud computing, it is possible. If you're currently looking through different cloud service providers and want to identify the right course of action for your business, understanding what SaaS is and if it is right for your business is essential.


What is SaaS

The Software as a Service cloud-computing feature delivers applications directly to each computer, taking care of all installation needs, so you don't have to. Traditionally, after purchasing a program, you'd need to install it individually on every single computer. This is both time consuming and a drain on productivity. Using SaaS, workflows automatically install the program on every system connected to the cloud service (unless you dictate for certain workstations to not receive the software). This feature makes SaaS an extremely beneficial program for a company working with an ever-changing lineup of programs. Large financial and tech companies are some of the largest users of SaaS, but it is not exclusive to these industries.


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What Are the Benefits of SaaS

Of all the cloud services available to your business, SaaS provides you with quick access to new programs and updates. The service isn't just about installing the same program on multiple workstations, it also handles updates, which can take a computer offline for a few minutes to install. As each individual logs onto their computer at varying times, this can affect nearly every employee in the company when certain updates are rolled out. With SaaS, these updates can be timed to be installed during off hours so the computers are less likely to be in use. This, in turn, reduces any kind of impact on productivity. Once you select the desired software for your company, it no longer is on you to stay up to date on updates. It is now on your SaaS provider.


SaaS can bring down the overall cost of maintaining and owning your network. You don't need a large infrastructure in place. Instead, the cloud service reduces the amount of hardware you need on hand while making it possible to avoid the strain of configuring every single workstation with a new program.


Cloud computing is all about improving your productivity and making it easier to access information. While this is not the kind of service where you store, download and edit files, it is a service designed to save your IT department time and energy. You can always combine SaaS with other services in order to meet your company needs (even if it is with a different service provider).


How to Pick the Right Service Provider

Should you decide SaaS is the right feature for your company, you need to look over the different service providers out there and determine which is right for you. To do this, you need to analyze and research a company's technology and how it integrates updates with your company's computer network.


No two businesses have the exact same cloud requirements, so what is right for your company may not be suitable for another. After looking over the benefits and features of SaaS, you should have a better understanding as to what it provides and how utilizing it can improve overall productivity within your company.

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