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April 30, 2018

Which web browser should I be using?

Which web browser should I be using?


A web browser is technically defined as: "a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web." It is basically the window by which you see the web through.

Unless your computer is only reserved for typing, using web browser to access Internet is as regular as having your coffee every day. Because web browser plays an important role in your Internet user experience, understanding the types and benefits of various web browsers on the market can help you to make an informed decision. Some of the most commonly used web browsers include: 


  • Internet Explorer from Microsoft
  • Chrome from Google
  • Firefox from Mozilla
  • Safari from Apple 


Choosing the Right Web Browser 

When choosing a web browser, some of the critical things you need to consider may include load time, compatibility, and security. According to Internet Browser Software review, Firefox ranks the highest in its overall rating of speed & compatibility, features, security, and help & support with Chrome following closely behind. Opera and Safari rank third and fourth respectively, while Internet Explorer ranks fifth among the 10 contestants. From a general perspective, all five browsers offer excellent user experience with slight differences in performance and interface design. Because of the great similarities among these five top browsers, here are three additional factors you should consider before downloading or switching to a new browser.


Load Time: Speed is Key 

Load time pertains to the speed a web browse retrieves, presents, and traverse information resources from one point to another. A slow load time means that you are spending more time waiting for your content to load than reading it. Research has proven repeatedly that fast load time is the key to improved user experience. While slow websites are penalized by both Google and Internet users, websites that can load efficiently usually experience an increase in traffic and conversion rate. Simply apply the concept of speedy load time for websites to your web browsers, and you will understand why a slow browser creates a frustrating browsing experience. 


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Compatibility: A Crash or a Crush 

It's hard to fall in love with a web browser that is sluggish and doesn't seem to work quite right. When choosing your web browser, it is important to find one that works the best for your system. Studies performed by techradar.com has found that Internet Explorer wins easily over the other browsers in Windows 8. Safari seems to be the best choice for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, according to MacWorld.co. While techradar.com endorses Internet Explorer for Windows 7, PCmag appears to favor Firefox for its startup speed and interactive design. When it comes to Windows XP and Vista, Chrome is your browser for its leading support for HTML 5, built-in Flash player, and PDF reader. 


Security: Are You Safe? 

Protecting your identity and preserving the integrity of your data are top priorities when it comes to a safe and blissful Internet experience. Based on the number of vulnerabilities published on each web browser since January 2013, Securitywatch.pcmag.com finds that Opera has the least amount of security breaches. Safari users enjoy the most frequent security updates, while Chrome's security updates are scarce and infrequent. 


What's Your Browser? 

While Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, the five browsers offer very similar benefits that makes choosing the best web browser a matter of personal choice. Before passing judgment on a certain browser, we strongly recommend you to do some background research to better understand how Browser X works with System Y. Experiment with various browsers to find one that fits your comfort level and preference.

As your browser choice tends to be a personal prefence, if your website is outdated and not designed very well it could have issues on any browser. Read the guide below to learn about the importance of a professional web presence. 

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