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September 30, 2021

10 Microsoft Edge Browser Tips and Tricks

10 Microsoft Edge Browser Tips and Tricks

10 MS Edge Tips and Tricks

During the more...ahem, humble days of Internet Explorer, Microsoft tended to find itself on the receiving end of many a Chrome download.


It wasn't all Explorer's fault, of course; what was once a staple in household browsers just got outshined by the browser that did the job better and much faster than the older, slower Explorer.


That being said, Microsoft didn't take this laying down!


To reassert their place in the internet browsing industry, they came out with an entirely new concept: Microsoft Edge.


This new browser has been sweeping the internet world by storm, and it only gets better with each update.


If you're new to Microsoft Edge, you're going to need some Edge browser tips to get going in the right direction. Luckily, you've come to the right place.


This article gives you a list of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that this impressive web browser has to offer. Keep reading to find out more!

Edge Browser Tips #1: Import Your Data

Like other browsers, you can bring your data from another browser over to Edge. Simply click the 3-dot menu icon, go to "settings" and "profiles", and find the "import browser data" at the bottom.

2. Search the Edge Store

Microsoft took the time to develop the Edge Store, so you can grab a ton of cool add-ons to increase your web-browsing productivity.

3. Set up the Dark Theme

Everyone loves Dark Theme mode, and now you can add it to the Browser's home page.

4. Customize Your Homepage

Love having your own look?  Customize your homepage by clicking the gear icon to select advanced or custom home page options.

5. Make a Collection

Edge's Collections option is like bookmarks, but with a twist. You can create notes in your saved articles and even share them with others.

6. Block Those Pesky Websites

No one likes to be stalked. Stop the websites in their tracks with the benefits of a customizable site blocker.

7. Talk to Cortana

Microsoft loves Cortana, and now she's in your browser. Make sure you've enabled her to help you in the Windows 10 settings.


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8. Share All the Things

We said earlier that you could share notes, but it doesn't stop there.


Practically everything you find on the browser can be shared between devices and with your friends, so you're always connected.

9. Continue Where You Left Off

Got multiple devices? Edge let's you jump from smartphone to computer with its nifty "Continue to PC" function.

10. All the Rewards

Do you know how Bing rewards you for your searches? When you use Bing on Microsoft Edge, you get even more points. It's just another way that Microsoft takes care of its own!

For the Tech Tips You Need

Now that you've armed yourself with a list of Microsoft Edge browser tips, you'll be able to accomplish some amazing things using this awesome browser.


That said, you've only touched the tip of the iceberg.


There's a lot more to know about navigating the technological world, and we can help you make the most out of it.


At Envision IT Solutions, we are one of the biggest - if not, the biggest - experts on all of the tech tips and advice you could want to know. We offer assistance on everything from cloud tech, to web design, graphic design, marketing tools, IT support, VoIP phones, and a ton of other tech advice.


Ready to get started? Check out our site to learn more about what we do, and give our blog a search to find out anything you want to know. We've got some good stuff waiting for you!

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