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October 31, 2019

7 Incredibly Useful Windows 10 Tricks to Learn

7 Incredibly Useful Windows 10 Tricks to Learn

windows-10-tricksUsing a new-to-you operating system can be very overwhelming. Computers are more powerful today than ever before, so it's reasonable to be tentative about new technology. Whether you're a newbie or just wondering how to use Windows to its fullest potential, we have you covered. 


There are several secret Windows 10 secrets you need to know. Whether you're looking for a way to streamline your work computer or make your home life easier, our Windows 10 tricks and tips will have you covered.


Read on to find out our favorite tips and put them into action today. 

1. Quick Access to Your Desktop

If you're the kind of person who often has several open windows at once, you'll love this trick. In the bottom right corner of the desktop is a tiny sliver of a button. You'll find it to the right of the notification bubble. Click this button to be automatically taken to your desktop.

2. Clear Clutter Fast

Here's another tip for the folks who tend to slow their computer down by having many open windows at a time. Click to the window that you want to keep open. Using your mouse, grab the top of the window and give it a shake. Doing so will minimize all of your other open windows. Shake the window again, and they'll all come back.


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3. Determine What Programs Are Slowing You Down

If your computer is moving slowly and negatively affecting your ability to work, you need to find out what's slowing it down. Open your Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. From this tab, you'll be able to find out what applications and background processes are running. You can see how much of the CPU, memory, and network resources each app is taking up. 

4. Personalize Your Start Screen

When you click the Windows button in the bottom left corner of your screen, you're presenting with your personalized Start menu. From this menu, you'll be able to see what applications you use most often and easily access them.

By right-clicking the icons, you can personalize this menu even further. Resize different icons, unpin them from the Start menu all together or pin them to your taskbar for even easier access. 

5. Personalize Your Task Bar

Just as your personalized the Start screen in tip four, you can customize your taskbar, too. Pin essential applications you often use to your taskbar for one-click access. 

You can even pin people you contact most often to your taskbar through the People app.

6. Share Easier

When you're viewing a photo or document, you can share it with people nearby with a couple clicks of your mouse. The Nearby Sharing application works much the same as Apple's AirDrop. Click the "Share" button on at the top of your document or image. This will open a panel that'll give you the option to turn on nearby sharing. Remember, the recipient needs to be nearby to receive what you're trying to send.

7. Access Smart Home Devices

Cortana, Windows voice-controlled virtual assistant, will be able to help you control your smart home devices. Click on Cortana from your Start menu. This will bring up a list of items like to-do lists and reminders for Cortana. From this menu, click the Manage Skills tab at the top of the pop-up window.


In this menu, you'll find an option to click into Connected Home. From here you'll be able to log into your devices like Nest, Hue, and Honeywell and connect them to Cortana. 

Once it's been enabled, all you need to do is say something like, "Hey Cortana, set the thermostat to 73 degrees" and she'll carry out this task for you.

Windows 10 Tricks You Can Use

Hopefully, our blog has taught you some Windows 10 tricks that can help streamline your home and work life. These tips seem insignificant, but they can help increase your productivity and make time working at your computer easier.


If you're a professional looking for more ways to make the most of your computer system, contact us. We can help you determine if you need systems management assistance to keep your company thriving. 


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