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January 2, 2024

3 Reasons to Use VoIP Phones for Your Business

3 Reasons to Use VoIP Phones for Your Business

IT Solutions Blog Post - 3 Reasons to Use VOIP - Revised

Traditional telephones, move aside. There's a new technology that promises to make phone calls easier to manage and record: VoIP phones.


What is a VoIP phone?


It's a digital phone service that uses the internet to transmit data and voice rather than traditional phone providers and phone lines.


A VoIP phone service promises to reduce your costs and improve your services.


But if you've never used VoIP phone services before, you may be reluctant to make the switch. We're here to convince you that this is the best way forward to upgrade your phone system.


Keep reading for the top three reasons to use a business VoIP phone service.


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1. VoIP Phones Reduce Operating Costs

Phones and the internet both operate on very different networks, which is why your internet provider is often separate from your phone provider.


Phones require large cell networks, leading to monopolies that control the market. The result is that phone plans tend to be quite expensive.


A VoIP phone service runs on what you already have: your existing internet broadband connection.


A phone VoIP requires a relatively small amount of data compared to your regular data usage, such as with cloud backups. It will put a small dent in your business' data package, resulting in considerable savings when you cut your existing phone plan.

2. They Have Better Functionality

Traditional phones suffer from the limitations of your phone network.


Besides basic functionality like call forwarding and answering machines, there isn't much room for automation.


VoIP phone services don't have that problem.


A VoIP phone service can automatically handle all of your calls. It can route them to the correct departments or send them to the other side of the world if necessary. Some modern VoIP phone services can even use AI to create a transcript of calls that you missed.


Large businesses that require phone recordings can easily keep a log of every call ever made. That makes it incredibly easy to investigate claims made by your customers regarding a phone call.

7 questions to ask before moving your phones to VoIP CTA1

3. They Require Minimal Equipment and Setup

Hardline phones require dedicated equipment and sometimes tricky network setups.


VoIP phone services are digital implementations of phones and, therefore only require a device to run them. There's no landline and no cables running thru your office.


Your entire phone VoIP can run in the cloud from any device. 


If a computer or server goes down, you simply run the VoIP from another device to continue receiving calls. Downtime is never an issue as long as you have a device somewhere that has an internet connection.

Find a VoIP Service Today

VoIP phones use the internet instead of existing networks to handle call data. It's an excellent solution to save money, improve your phone's functionality, and reduce complicated setups.


A VoIP phone is easy to use and works with virtually any existing setup.


Envision IT Solutions provides everything from managed IT to web design. Visit us today and find out how you can build a next-gen VoIP phone service for your business.

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