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February 13, 2024

3 Tips for Finding the Best IT Security Services

3 Tips for Finding the Best IT Security Services

3 Tips for Finding the Best IT Security ServicesCyber attacks are on the rise, which is particularly concerning for small businesses that account for 43% of all attacks. It is clear that IT security services are a necessary part of any small organization. 


But, how do you know what IT company to use? 


Start with these 3 tips to consider when choosing an IT service. 


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1. Ask About Preventative Measures and Cybersecurity Procedures

There are two stages that an IT security company uses to protect your business. One is a preventative measure and the other is a procedure when a breach occurs. 


Get to know how both strategies are implemented to know how your company will be protected. 


Preventative security may include firewall protection, network security, malware detection, and communication encryption. These tools should be part of all managed IT security services.


Training can also be available to inform your staff of preventative actions such as password protection and phishing scam avoidance. Some cybersecurity companies offer this training to your employees.

FREE Network Assessment - Small Business IT SupportOnce a breach occurs, there needs to be a quick plan put into motion. This includes:

  • Detection of the Breach 
  • Locating the Source
  • Analyzing the Damage
  • Isolating the Breach
  • Recovery Data
  • Notifying Those Affected

A recovery plan should also be included to limit downtime and to ensure your business' integrity is not compromised. 

2. Understand How Data Gets Protected and Backed

Your data is most likely the glue that holds your business together. So losing it would be detrimental. It also puts your customers at risk if their personal information is exposed. You could be liable for their losses as well as your own. 


Find out how each IT security service will back up your data and how often.


You also want to know where your data is stored. For example, a cold storage (offline) location is the most protected and secure. 


Just because your data is backed up doesn't mean that it won't be stolen. Other measures need to be in place to ensure private information stays private.


If your data is stolen there are financial consequences. Between 2017 and 2021 Americans lost a total of $20 billion to data breaches. That is why investing in data protection should be your top priority. 

 3. Check Reviews for Industry Expertise and Customer Service

So how do you know which IT security will keep your business the safest?


In addition to having all of the qualities mentioned above, IT security companies should have a reputation in your industry. 


Hiring a company with experience in your realm of business means that they understand your needs and threats. For example, an eCommerce business may need more protection for their customers to keep credit card purchases safe and personal information from leaking. 


However, all the IT tools in the world won't help if there is no communication between you and your cybersecurity team. Be sure to check reviews that mention great customer service and quick response time. 

Choosing IT Security Services

When it comes down to choosing IT security services to safeguard your business, you want to make an informed decision. Take your time to speak with a representative and ask as many questions as possible. 


Contact Envision IT Solutions to get a free assessment of your network and see how we can help you improve your cybersecurity. 

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