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December 16, 2021

5 Easy Steps to Secure Cloud Storage

5 Easy Steps to Secure Cloud Storage

5 Easy Steps to Secure Cloud Storage

The average data breach costs an American company almost $8 million. As more companies become reliant on cloud storage for their data management, the risks for data breaches also increases. 

But how can you manage the security of a cloud service that you only rent space in? 

You might be surprised by how these simple tips can secure cloud storage for your company. 

Keep Ultra Sensitive Data Offline 

If you can, keep highly sensitive data offline. This includes personal or client information that could destroy your life or business if it was compromised. 


Medical files protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are best left offline. Along with personally identifiable data like social security numbers and tax returns. 

Treat Your Cloud Like the V.I.P. Area 

One of the most public recent hacks targeted employees at Twitter to gain entry into Twitter's servers to hack celebrity user profiles.


Even if you have the best security system money can buy, your system is still at risk if you have negligent employees accessing your system. The fewer people accessing your cloud, the more you can monitor and regulate access. 


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Improve Your Passwords, Frequently 

Stop choosing passwords that are guessable or easy for hackers to decipher with keystroke logging. Instead, make passwords as difficult as possible. 


Longer passwords can increase the number of possibilities for hackers to configure by trillions (yes, trillions). The difference between using eight words and 16 in your password is profound when it comes to security.  


Passwords should also be rich in characters, cases, numbers, and numerals. They should be completely unique and changed every 90 days. 

Make Cybersecurity Education a Priority 

Company-wide education is the best way to secure the data in your cloud. Ignorance of how systems work and the different tactics used by hackers is the greatest security risk to any organization. Most people wouldn't even know where to start  researching 

cybersecurity tactics and best practices on their own. 


The value of a few hours of monthly training far exceeds the possible loss caused by a cybersecurity breach. Educate your team on things like antivirus software, phishing or pharming scams, and the reality of how hackers operate and who they target. It also helps to initiate mandatory safety guidelines. 

Implement Encryption for Secure Cloud Storage

Encryption is a way to add an extra lock to your data. If a hacker enters your cloud, they may not be able to access files that are encrypted. 


Every file is made of code. Encryption places a unique code called ciphertext to a file. This code can be written to only allow certain users, accounts, systems, or hardware to access the file.  


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Securing Your Data in the Cloud 

Companies in any industry and with any team size can implement these easy secure cloud storage steps. They're simple, but they are essential to building a strong defense against cybersecurity threats. You must master these basic practices before you can really appreciate the benefits of an advanced security system.


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