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December 14, 2021

5 Must-Have Voice Over IP Business Phone Features

5 Must-Have Voice Over IP Business Phone Features

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Imagine having a great employee that has to move out of the area where your business is located. In the past, this meant losing a valuable asset to your company. Today, with a voice over IP business phone businesses no longer have to deal with this reality.


Switching office phones over to VoIP means employees can work remotely from any geographical location. The technology is possible due to improved technology.


Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic left many employers scrambling to keep business operations going. VoIP phones allowed them to remain operational as employees began working remotely.


Watch our video: What is VoIP?


Are you wondering what features come via VoIP cloud-based services? Keep reading for five must-have features to request. 

1. Advanced Call Management for Your Voice Over IP Business Phone

Automated call management is an important feature for your receptionist or administrative assistant. The feature allows users to prioritize incoming calls.


In addition, it has features for placing callers on hold and routing calls. It even comes with the ability to block incoming calls and reduce time wasted on sales and spam robocalls.


Call management capabilities reduce the number of callbacks from customers, upset they were left on hold or no call pickups. 

2. Analytic Reporting

With analytical reporting, your team can monitor how calls get answered and rerouted. The benefit of a VoIP phone system is that it's compatible with multiple devices. Calls are routed through regular phones as well as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.


The insights revealed through the analytical data you'll receive measure the overall performance of the product. Learn where issues occur before the client complains.


Analytics measure your return on investment.

3. Local and Toll-free Numbers

Free local phone numbers are often a courtesy offered by VoIP phone service providers. It's an added benefit for new businesses. 


If your business operates outside of a set geographical location, ask for a toll-free number. A potential client is less likely to call a business if they'll incur long-distance call charges from a landline phone. A toll-free number also gives you the flexibility of relocating your business without having to change numbers.

4. Video Conferencing

As more employees work remotely, businesses need a way to conduct meetings and stay connected to their teams. Video conferencing is how that is happening in the digital era. Look for a VoIP system with these capabilities. 

5. Voicemail Features

Voicemail features no longer start and end with leaving a message.


Today, voicemails are converted to emails and text messages. Your VoIP phone service should offer these features. Set the tone of calls with a standard business voicemail greeting that is friendly and promotes your brand. 


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It's Time to Switch to VoIP

These five suggestions are just a few of the voice over IP business phone features available.


Explore your business needs to determine how a VoIP phone service can improve your business.


Click here for a downloadable PDF explaining some of the basic information about our VoIP Select phone service. When you're ready to make a decision, give us a call at 505-923-3388. 

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