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November 9, 2021

How to Secure Your Kids' iOS Devices

How to Secure Your Kids' iOS Devices


Have a lock on your kids' security?


You can't watch over them twenty-four hours a day, but you can keep them safe, by locking down and securing their devices. And luckily, iOS provides you with a lot of control.


Securing and locking down devices don't necessarily mean your keeping your kids from accessing their phone or device. You can pick the apps you want them to see, and you can keep them from giving out personal information. 


You just have to know how. Read on for a quick guide to iOS security. 

Guided Access

Guided Access is a setting that lets you lock your device to one app.


Open Settings and go to General > Accessibility > Guided Access. 


You can set a time limit and a passcode there. Open any app you choose and press the Home button three times. You have locked your device to that one app, and it will lock completely after time runs out. 


After the time does run out, press the Home button three times and type in your passcode. Tap End. You can now use the device without restrictions. 


Guided Access does not allow a child to navigate between multiple apps. But if you want your child to access one app in particular, Guided Access is ideal for you. 


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Restrictions is a setting that sets device-wide restrictions.


Open Settings and go to General > Restrictions. You can then select which apps, content, and settings you want your kids to access. 


You can prevent them from installing or accessing adult apps.


You can block the Safari browser from accessing inappropriate websites.


You can also prevent your kids from changing accounts or accessing cellular data. 

Carrier Restrictions

Talk to your carrier about times you can shut down your phone. The major carriers have features that allow you to restrict data access during school and sleep hours. 


Some carriers require you to include those restrictions in your monthly plan. Others let you make restrictions whenever you want from their website. Pick a carrier that gives you what you need.

Limit Access Within Apps

Even if you allow your child to access apps, you can protect their security. 


Apps on iOS must ask for the user's permission to use their camera and microphone. A green dot appears when the camera is being used, while an orange dot appears when the microphone is used. You can deny access whenever you want.


Open Settings > Privacy and Location Services to decide when apps can access your phone's location. Tap Photos to decide which apps can access your pictures and videos. 

Teach Kids iOS Security

You can keep your kids safe by teaching them security measures.


Ask them to update their devices whenever there is a new update. Tell them to read about the update's security measures. 


Talk to them about public Wi-Fi access. Teach them not to send personal information where hackers can view it. 


Set up two-factor verification and teach your kids how to use it. Train them to come up with longer passwords that cannot be guessed. 


Discuss Internet safety with your children. Encourage them to talk to an adult whenever they see inappropriate behavior. 


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Teach Yourself Tech Tips

You can let them access apps with the Guided Access and Restrictions features. And you can let them access the Internet safely. But do give yourself peace of mind by teaching them about iOS security and overall Internet security. Remain proactive and aware of the latest threats.


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