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March 7, 2024

IT Outsourcing: The Pro's and Con's

IT Outsourcing: The Pro's and Con's

IT Outsourcing - The Pros and ConsEvery growing business should have an IT department, right?


Well...not so fast!


Did you know you can get comparable IT service without putting an in-house IT team on your payroll?


It's true!


Many growing businesses are switching to a managed service IT provider or IT outsourcing.


If you're wondering how you can use IT outsourcing for your growing business, stick around! We'll be discussing the pros and cons of IT outsourcing or managed service IT providers. 


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What Is a Managed Services IT Provider? 

A managed services provider or MSP for short,  is a term in the information technology business sector that implies that you use IT outsourcing for your business. An MSP will manage your IT infrastructure and systems for your business. 


These teams use cloud services to help manage your IT infrastructure in several ways: 

  • Tech Support
  • Recovery
  • Security
  • Strategic Planning

A managed services provider charges a monthly flat fee for their services, so you won't have any hidden costs associated with hiring an MSP.


With many companies switching to remote work due to the pandemic, a managed services provider may help your growing business in a way that an in-house IT team cannot.


Let's go over some of the pros and cons of hiring an MSP for your IT outsourcing. 

Pros of Hiring a Managed Services Provider

try us outIf your team is doing more work at home rather than in the office due to COVID-19, you may really value the service an MSP can offer. However, this is not to say that an MSP wouldn't help a business that works from the office primarily. 


Here are a few of the pros that come with hiring a managed service provider: 

  • Around the Clock Service - enjoy a team of professionals working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Flat Monthly Fee - no hidden costs, just quality service
  • Expertise - Rather than one or two IT people, you have a team of qualified professionals 
  • Technology Provided - an MSP will provide the technology for the business.

Using a managed service provider for your business means no more waiting for IT services. Instead, you get around the clock service all for one flat fee. An MSP will have individuals on the team that compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you'll have a team that can do it all!

Cons of Hiring a Managed Services Provider

While an MSP comes with many positives, there are a few cons that can come along with IT outsourcing. Here is a list of some of the drawbacks of using an MSP. 


  • Cost - An excellent managed service provider will come with a cost that, in some cases, may exceed what you would pay for an in-house IT department. 
  • Location - Some managed service providers will not be in your town, meaning that location may be a factor if you're looking for on-hands support. 
  • Restricted Service - Sometimes, your MSP won't cover every aspect of your business, leaving you to find other ways to find support for third-party providers.

Is IT Outsourcing Right for Your Business? 

If you're looking for a way to receive around the clock service without the hassle of waiting for the next business day to get your IT needs met, a managed service provider may be right for your growing business. 


If you're looking for a managed service provider that can meet your needs and grow with your business, consider Envision IT Solutions


For more information on how an MSP can help your business, follow our blog or contact us today


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