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April 27, 2018

The Hamburger Button: What is it and do you like it?

The Hamburger Button: What is it and do you like it?


There is a debate happening among web designers as well as website users: Do you like the hamburger button?

First of all: What is the Hamburger Button?

The hamburger button is a navigation button commonly used in mobile versions of websites and also used in some mobile apps like: Google+, Behance, Facebook etc. The purpose of the button is to signify there is a hidden menu lurking behind once clicked. 

For history of the hamburger button, click here


Hamburger Button examples:

hamburger menu example 1



hamburger menu example 2


hamburger menu example 3


Problems with the Hamburger Button:

  • It is not very intuitive to a lot of people
  • It disrupts the flow of the web page or app 
  • It Creates confusion


Upside side to the Hamburger Button:

  • It frees up room on mobile devices.
  • It and looks less cluttered

To see an in-depth study of the mobile menu, which includes the hamburger menu, click here.


We are actually in very early times when it comes to mobile menus, mobile websites, and mobile apps on tablets and phones. I suppose one of the reasons the hamburger menu is so heavily used is because we have not found a more acceptable standard. 

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