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February 7, 2024

Understanding the Basics of IT Outsourcing

Understanding the Basics of IT Outsourcing

Understanding the Basics of IT OutsourcingOver 90% of G2000 companies use some form of IT outsourcing.


If you're running a small business in 2023, you're eventually going to run into the issue of whether to hire full-time IT staff.


No matter what industry you operate within, technology is certainly a crucial component of how your business operates. IT, for that reason, is absolutely necessary!


The issue of whether to hire IT staff or find outsourced IT support is a tricky one. In this post, we're going to help you understand the basics of IT outsourcing and tell you some of the benefits of hiring IT outsourcing companies.


Keep reading and you'll see that the best way to improve your business is with IT outsourcing services.


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Outsourced IT Support Vs. In-House IT Support

Many business owners think that they need an in-house IT department to manage specialized systems and operations. Having IT workers on your payroll can be beneficial when you need IT support on a 24/7 basis, but most scenarios better lend themselves to outsourcing IT.


When your systems and operations are faced with a diverse set of challenges, it can be too much for an in-house department to navigate. It can also be extremely expensive to get an IT department set up, not to mention the cost of staffing it.


It's in these scenarios that businesses realize the perks of hiring IT outsourcing instead. If you don't need someone there looking after your systems all day, every day - and even if you do - IT outsourcing is a better option.

Benefits of Hiring IT Outsourcing Companies

There are countless benefits of IT outsourcing, but we'll focus on a few of the most integral: cost, expert knowledge, and cybersecurity. 


In terms of cost, you get to customize your IT services.


try us outWhen you hire a company like ours, we'll work with you to create the perfect IT package for the needs of your business. Whether it's 24/7 help desk support or constant monitoring, you only pay for what you use.


IT companies have vast resources and a large staff of IT professionals that are all up to date on upcoming IT trends. Having access to their knowledge will help to keep you competitive in a crowded marketplace. They'll be able to look at your current operations and suggest improvements that could be groundbreaking for your business.


Lastly, the importance of cybersecurity can't be overstated!


Cyber attacks happen once every 39 seconds and most businesses are ill-equipped to deal with them.


Your outsourced IT support will boost your cybersecurity measures and keep a constant eye out for security breaches.

Finding IT Outsourcing Services

Understanding the basics of IT outsourcing allows you to make the right decision for the future of your systems.


Outsourcing frees up your funds, helps you push your business forward, and protects you from the constant threat of cybercrime.


To get the best outsourced IT services, Envision IT Solutions is the answer. Our managed IT services give you as much IT support as you need, so contact us today to get a free network assessment and take your business to the next level.

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