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April 27, 2018

Web Design Trends for your Business Website

Web Design Trends for your Business Website


At the virtual center of your business, your website plays a vital role not only in attracting visitors, but also in retaining and converting them into loyal customers. People evaluate the professionalism and reliability of your goods and services based on

 the professionalism and performance of your website. A shabby website shows people that you are not serious enough about your business to make a sound investment or worse, that your business is not successful enough to invest in a professional website. In either case, a poor, outdated web design tarnishes your business reputation, and it's definitely something you want to avoid.


Here at EnvisionIT Solutions, we design custom websites to capture the unique mission and passion of our clients' businesses. We find that keeping up with both fashionable and practical web design solutions requires constant research and study. Here are a few web design trends to look out for in 2015:


Visual Upgrade: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Since the new millenium, the web design community shifted from a text based design to an image based design. However, the trend will grow even more conspicuous in 2015 as websites compete for attention with interactive and appealing visual aids. More icons will come with hovering effects so that the color or the style of the icon will change when you move or "mouse" over it. Large, high resolution pictures will also be used on home pages to create a powerful and welcoming layout. If you want to be fancy, you can use a slide header to allow readers to click through a set of images that have messages or links embedded within. 


Typography Innovation: Style, Design and Content

With large pictures filling up the space on your home page, finding ways to integrate text into your website is a challenge every web designer needs to overcome. In 2015, you will notice a major shift to typographical flexibility. A stronger effort will be invested in presenting written words alongside responsive images and design structures. There will be definitely some overlaying text as well as a few slogans, phrases and calls-to-action written in a large yet stylish font.


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User Experience Optimization: Responsive, Mobile Designs

As traffic from mobile search increases, businesses are realizing the necessity of having a website that loads quickly and displays properly on different devices. Designing websites around mobile devices has led to more user interactive features and less words. Ghost buttons, for example, is the result of designers trying to integrate clickable buttons into an image-oriented design framework. Infographs and videos are also frequently employed to communicate important messages.


Organized Layout: Simple, Elegant and Professional

In an effort to give visitors a pressure-free and relaxing tour around a website, web designers are eliminating clutter and focusing on developing a few large, compelling images. An organized layout helps first-time visitors to navigate the website with ease, while exposing them to the content that matters the most.


Opt for a clean, responsive and user-friendly website design today. For more business website ideas, click on the image to download our free e-book!


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