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May 16, 2023

Combating Common IT Security Threats

Combating Common IT Security Threats

Combating-Security-ThreatsDid you know that most cyber security threats come from emails?


But sound IT security involves more than checking for suspicious emails to thwart cyber thieves.


Your best IT security defense is going on the offensive to keep up with current IT security services trends. Unfortunately, cybercriminals burn the midnight oil coming up with the right virus to compromise your IT security service. But you can invest in your IT security services by reading this guide. 


Understanding these fundamental measures can help you avoid becoming the next cyber victim or prevent lengthy downtimes. The longer your business services are down, the greater the chance of losing customers. So, stay on top of your game with these basic IT security measures.

Maintain Your IT Security Software 

Ransomware remains the main thrust of cyber attacks. Because of this, not even mobile IT security users are immune. Recently, ransomware attacks left millions of Android users comprised.


With each day of using outdated IT security services, the greater the potential that bots and hackers find entry. One of the welcoming benefits of managed IT services is that we keep your IT security updated. You can read more about our reliable IT security company.

Cyber Security Assessment

Well-maintained IT security keeps your business up, primarily if you specialize in online services. Conversely, the longer your business remains down, the greater the chance of permanently losing customers.

Only Use Strong Web Hosts

If you host your website and databases, you are responsible for the encryption and IT security measures. That means installing the appropriate SSL certificates and CMK (Custom Managed Keys) systems.


Consider a reputable cloud-based hosting company if you don't outsource to an IT security company. A reputable web hosting company offers these essential services:

  • Strong file transfer
  • SSL certificates
  • Higher up times

Because data transfer is essential to your IT success, mighty web hosts like Digital Ocean and Cloud Ways offer built-in features.


For example, some cloud-based hosts come with pre-installed SSL certificates. An SSL certificate is a key to data encryption that helps secure your data during uploads and downloads.


Another critical component of using a reputable web hosting company is its uptime. These companies perform routine updates to their cloud services.


But for best practice, you can rely on managed IT services to keep you current. You can read our blog post about IT security services.


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Control Employee Access 

Sometimes it's not a Trojan or malware that compromises your IT security.


It can be an employee. But it doesn't have to be intentional employee attacks, but rather simple mistakes.


Besides investing in an IT security company, proper training can go a long way in protecting your network.


Likewise, you might consider limiting access to vital network systems. That way, you can better control and monitor employee mishaps.


And should the unfortunate need arise to terminate an employee, you might terminate their member access. Sometimes the best hacker comes from a disgruntled employee with intimate knowledge of your systems. For more IT security measures, you can read this blog post.

More About IT Security

While IT security is necessary for your business's survival, it doesn't have to become a chore.


If you can envision IT security services, then Envision IT Services is your IT service company.

We offer professionally managed IT services like data backups. Our services also extend to exceptional web design and graphic services.


Contact us today to begin your IT security services. For your convenience, we have offices in Englewood, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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