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March 15, 2022

5 Common IT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common IT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Investing in good IT services is crucial in a world where all companies are essentially tech companies. While you may be able to manage small technical tasks on your own, having dedicated professionals on your side will free up time for you and your employees and give a better experience to your customers. 


All of that said, there are several IT mistakes that new business owners (or business owners who are new to tech) make when they're getting started. 


Are you concerned that you're guilty of some of them? We want to help. Read on to learn about mistakes that we see in businesses that are new to handling different IT challenges.

1. Not Training Employees

Even if you're outsourcing your IT services, employees still need to be trained in order to have good results. Poorly-trained employees are more susceptible to security threats and potential IT disasters. 


Your employees don't have to be technology experts. They need to know the ins and outs of how your system is working to make life easier for you, your IT professionals, and your customers. 

2. Neglecting Cloud Computing

Many people are afraid of the cloud. Won't it leave your data up for grabs from strangers?


When you use it right, the cloud is the future of IT. Using a network of remote servers instead of your local network opens up a lot of opportunities. Data storage, computing power, and other valuable computer system resources are more readily available to you. 


It can also be easier to manage your security. 


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3. Keeping Outdated Software

Speaking of security, did you know that outdated software is a huge security risk?


When companies update their software and you get that notification to update and restart, it's tempting to click that "remind me later" button so that you don't have to interrupt your workflow.


These updates can contain important security patches for new common cyber threats. 

When someone is managing IT for you, you can get the updates without having to click a single button. 

4. Not Developing a Digital Security Strategy

Those updates, among other things, should be part of your overall digital security strategy. Many small business owners are under the impression that they aren't at risk for security threats. This isn't true!


Anyone can be a victim of cybercrime and as a small business, you have fewer resources with which to recover from an IT disaster. Formulate a digital security strategy to avoid any problems down the line.


Watch our Video - Security Tips: Wordpress Security

5. Trying to Do It Alone

Does all of this sound confusing? To anyone who isn't "in the know," it is. 


Having a team of IT professionals working to keep the tech side of your business in check is a great way to move some of this work away from your plate and onto the plate of people who know what they're doing. IT professionals can help you formulate your plans and strategies, take care of any updates and security threats, and put your mind at ease. 

Are You Guilty of These IT Mistakes?

These IT mistakes may be common, but they can have huge consequences.


Why not leave the IT work to the professionals so you can keep your business safe and running smoothly? 


Are you looking into managed IT services to help you and your business out? We might have the solutions for you. Visit our site to learn all about how our managed IT services can help you.

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