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June 9, 2020

Cyber Attacks: 40% of Small Businesses Get Targeted. Are You Prepared?

Cyber Attacks: 40% of Small Businesses Get Targeted. Are You Prepared?

cyber-attacks-are-you-preparedImagine going to sleep at night with your doors and windows wide open and the keys to your car sitting right in the ignition. 


You'd never do that, right? It'd be an open invitation for anyone to steal your car and come into your home. And, more importantly, you'd be putting your family at risk. 


That's essentially what small businesses do by not protecting themselves against the threat of cyber attacks. But, because of the cryptic nature of cyber attacks, many small businesses don't know what they can do to prevent a dangerous attack. 


We're here to help! Read on to get a better understanding of the different types of cyber attacks, how to know if you've been the victim of one, and how to protect your business against future attacks. 

Different Types of Cyber Attacks

It's an unfortunate reality, but the development of new technology guarantees that new cyber security risks will appear. It can be hard for small businesses to keep up with different types of cyber security threats, but some of the most common types of attacks include:

  • Malware: A malicious type of software that can cause damage to your system or take dangerous actions on your behalf once installed. 
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): An intentional overload of a system's server or network. This means that the network cannot handle legitimate requests.
  • Phishing: A method of stealing sensitive information, like passwords or credit card information. This is typically done via email communications that appear to be legitimate at first glance. 

On average, cyber attacks cost companies $200,000, leaving many victims struggling to stay in business in the wake of an attack. 


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How Do You Know If You've Been a Victim of a Cyber Attack?

Since cyber attacks can come in many different forms, you must be extremely vigilant about any activity on your network that seems out of the ordinary. 

Some of the common signs that you've been hacked include:

  • Your website's URL redirects to the wrong website.
  • Passwords have been changed without your knowledge.
  • You've been locked out of your administrative backend.
  • You've received suspicious emails with questionable links. 

Unfortunately, if you've noticed any of these signs of a hack, it means you're already a victim. But, you can still work to protect yourself against future attacks. 


Cyber Security Assessment


How to Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Attacks

Now that you have a better idea of the cyber security risks facing your business, it's time to be proactive. 

Protect your business against dangerous cyber attacks by following these security tips:

  • Use secure, high-strength passwords and change them regularly. Make sure passwords are only available to essential personnel. 
  • Only use a secure internet connection and make sure your Wi-Fi network is private and password protected. 
  • Never click a link in an email unless you know the sender. 
  • Keep software and hardware updated so it's less prone to an attack. 
  • Perform regular backups of your critical data files and keep them stored securely so that if you are attacked, you will still have access to them. 


Have Peace of Mind with Our Managed IT Service Plan

We understand that small businesses don't always have the bandwidth to manage IT services in-house.

Consider using our Managed IT Services Program which includes a three-layered cyber security approach to keep your business protected from the threat of cyber attacks. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you stay protected.

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